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3M                                                              Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company

AT&T                                                           American Telephone and Telegraph CompanyAddidas

Adidas                                                         Adolf (Adi) Dassler

Amoco                                                          AMerican Oil COmpany

AOL                                                              America Online

Amul                                                            Anand Milk Union Limited

BMW                                                            Bayerische Motoren Werke

BBC                                                              British Broadcasting Corporation

BenQ                                                            Bringing Enjoyment and Quality

BHP                                                              Broken Hill Proprietary

BSNL                                                            Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

BP                                                                 British Petroleum

BPL                                                              British Physical Laboratories

BASFBASF                                                  Baden Aniline and Soda FactoryBP

BEML                                                          Bharat Earth Movers Limited

BHEL                                                           Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

CEAT                                                           Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino

Capcom                                                      Capsule Computers

CDAC                                                           Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

COLT                                                            City Of London Telecom

ESPN                                                             Entertainment and Sports Programming Network

HDFC                                                            Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited

HCL                                                               Hindustan Computer LimitedPG

HTC                                                               High Tech Computer Corporation

HP                                                                  Hewlett-Packard

HMV                                                              His Master's Voice

HSBC                                                             Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

H&M                                                              Hennes & Mauritz

ICICI Bank                                                      Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Bank

IBM                                                                 International Business MachinesHP

Infosys                                                             Information Systems

Intel                                                                 INTegrated ELectronics

IKEA                                                               Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd

ING                                                                  International Netherlands Group

JVC                                                                  Japan Victor Company

JBL                                                                   James Bullough Lansing

KFC                                                                  Kentucky Fried Chicken

L&T                                                                  Larsen & Toubro

LG                                                                     Lucky and Goldstar

LEGO                                                                leg godt

MRF                                                                  Madras Rubber FactoryLT

NEC                                                                  Nippon Electric Company

Nikon                                                                 Nippon Kogaku

Nissan                                                               Nippon Sangyo

P&G                                                                  Procter & Gamble Company

SAP                                                                   System Analyse und Programmentwicklung

TCL                                                                   Today China Lion

UPS                                                                   United Parcel Service of America

Wipro                                                                 Western India Palm Refined Oil Ltd