Active Passive Voice Form

Choose the correct Active/Passive Construction from the following

Q1. What did the tiger kill ?
(a) What was killed by the tiger ?
(b) By what were killed the tiger ?
(c) What has been killed by the tiger ?
(d) What is kill by the tiger ?

Q2. Right now, Ramesh is writing the letter
(a) Right now, the letter is write by Ramesh
(b) Ramesh writing the letter, right now
(c) Right now, the letter is being written by Ramesh
(d) None of the above

Q3. Did he see them ?
(a) Were they seen by him ?
(b) Are they see by him ?
(c) They were seen by him
(d) Did they were seen by him ?

Q4. Does she hit you often ?
(a) Does she is hit you often ?
(b) Is he often hitted by she ?
(c) Are you hit by her often ?
(d) Are you hitten by her often ?

Q5. Let the work be done
(a) Will you do the work
(b) Let the work being done
(c) The work will do
(d) Do the work

Q6. Who has opened the door ?
(a) By whom is the door opened ?
(b) By whom was the door opened ?
(c) The door is opened by who ?
(d) By whom has the door been opened ?

Q7. The people will elect him President
(a) The people will not elect him President
(b) He will be elected President by the people
(c) Will he be elected President
(d) The people may not elect him

Q8. Summon the fire brigade
(a) Summon not the fire bridge
(b) Why should the fire brigade ba called
(c) Let the fire brigade be summoned
(d) Call not the fire brigade

Q9. Please walk on the right
(a) Please do not walk
(b) Please walk not now
(c) Walking on the right is advisable
(d) You are requested to walk on the right

Q10. The judge suspected that someone had bribed the witness
(a) The judge is suspecting someone
(b) The judge suspected that the witness had been bribed
(c) Was the witness bribed
(d) The judge does not suspect anything

Q11. Who taught you English ?
(a) By whom were you taught English ?
(b) Were you taught English ?
(c) English is not taught.
(d) Who is teaching English ?

Q12. One should keep one's promise
(a) One should not keep a promise
(b) Keeping a promise is bad
(c) A promise should be kept
(d) Do not keep a promise

Q13. They proclaimed her Queen
(a) She was proclaimed Queen by them
(b) Queen has declared herself Queen
(c) Orders were made for the Queen
(d) They did not proclaim her Queen

Q14. Mother has cooked the dinner for us
(a) Did mother cook the dinner for us
(b) The dinner has been cooking by mother for us
(c) The dinner has been cooked by mother for us
(d) Mother has not been cooked the dinner

Q15. I forgave him his fault
(a) I am forgiving him
(b) Did I forgive him his fault
(c) He was forgiven his fault by me
(d) He was not and will not be forgiven

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