Assam at a glance

Assam is a state in northeastern India, bordered by Bhutan, Bangladesh, and several other Indian states. The capital is Dispur, and the largest city is Guwahati. The state is known for its natural beauty, including the Brahmaputra River and the Assam Valley. The population is diverse, with various ethnic and linguistic groups, such as the Assamese, Bodo, and Bengali. Assamese is the official language, but many other languages are also spoken. The economy is primarily based on agriculture, with tea, oil, and natural gas as the main industries. Assam is also known for its rich cultural heritage, including traditional music and dance, and various festivals such as Bihu.

Here, Assam at a glance provides important information and figures about Assam. This is helpful for General Knowledge exams.

Assam at a glance
Particulars Description
Capital Dispur
Largest City Guwahati
Total Area 78,438 sq km
Latitude 24 NA° - 28 NA°
Longitude 90 EA° - 96 EA°
Total Population (Census 2011) 31205576
Male Population (Census 2011) 15939443
Female Population (Census 2011) 15266133
State Animal One-horned Rhino
State Bird White-winged Wood Duck (Deo Haah)
State Tree Hollong
State Flower Foxtail orchids (Kopou phool)
State Febric Muga Silk
State Beverage Tea
State Festival Bihu
Districts 35
Sub-divisions 80
Blocks 219
Circle 184
Zilla Parishad 26
Total Towns (2011 Census) 214
Villages (2011 Census) 26395
Lok Sabha Constituency 14
Rajya Sabha Seat 7
Vidhan Sabha Constituency 126
Police Station (as on 31-3-2018) 314
Literacy Rate Total (Census 2011) 72.19
Literacy Rate Male (Census 2011) 77.85
Literacy RateFemale (Census 2011) 66.27
Important Minerals Coal, Petroleum, Limestone, Dolemite, Sillimanite, Iron ore, Glass Sand, Ceramic clay (all varities), Uranium, Natural Gas.
Tribes of Assam (i) Bodo Kachari, (ii) Mising, (iii) Deori, (iv) Rabha, (v) Tiwa or Lalung, (vi) Khamti, (vii) Sonowal Kachari, (viii) Tai Phake or Phakial, (ix) Dimasa Kachari, (x) Karbi, (xi) Barmans, (xii) Hmar, (xiii) Kuki, (xiv) Rengma Naga, (xv) Zema Nagas, (xvi) Hajong, (xvii) Garo, (xviii) Khasi, (xix) Jaintia, (xx) Mech.