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Q181. Who was the second President of Assam Sahitya Sabha
(A) Kaliram Medhi
(B) Chandradhar Barua
(C) Amrit Bhushan Dev Adhikari
(D) Rajanikanta Bordoloi

Q182. In which year, Lakshminath Bezbaroa presided over the Assam Sahitya Sabha session
(A) 1920 Tezpur
(B) 1923 Jorhat
(C) 1924 Guwahati
(D) 1925 Nagaon

Q183. In which year 'O Mur Apunar Desh' was officially adopted as the Assam's state song
(A) 1927
(B) 1934
(C) 1942
(D) 1950

Q184. Which one is the epicenter of the Assam silk industry
(A) Majuli
(B) Mangaldoi
(C) Sualkuchi
(D) Tangla

Q185. Under whose guidance the Vrindavani vastra was woven by Assamese weavers
(A) Sankardeva
(B) Madhvadeva
(C) Chilarai
(D) Rudra Singha

Q186. The Namdang Stone Bridge was constructed during the reign of Ahom king
(A) Lakshmi Singha
(B) Siva Singha
(C) Gadadhar Singha
(D) Rudra Singha

Q187. The Moamoria Rebellion started during the reign of
(A) Kamaleswar Singha
(B) Siva Singha
(C) Lakshmi Singha
(D) Prataap Singha

Q188. Which Ahom king had the shortest reign of 21 days only
(A) Gobar Roja
(B) Samaguria Rojaa
(C) Parvatia Rojaa
(D) Jogeswar Singha

Q189. The Itakhulir Rann was fought against Mughal during the reign of
(A) Siba Singha
(B) Rudra Singha
(C) Gadadhar Singha
(D) Pramatta Singha

Q190. The Soti Joymoti Divas is observe on
(A) 14th February
(B) 27th March
(C) 3rd April
(D) 28th April

Q191. From which constituency, Bishnu Prasad Rabha was elected as M.L.A in 1969
(A) Guwahati
(B) Jorhat
(C) Tezpur
(D) Nagaon

Q192. Which one is first Assamese colour film
(A) Bhaity
(B) Khoj
(C) Aranya
(D) Uttaran

Q193. Who is the first Assamese recipient of Sahitya Akademi Award
(A) Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya
(B) Birinchi Kumar Barua
(C) Jatindranath Dowara
(D) Nalinibala Devi

Q194. Which one is the first Assamese novel to win the Sahitya Akademi Award
(A) Iyaruingam
(B) Aghari Atmar Kahini
(C) Koka Deutar har
(D) Pita Putra

Q195. Who is the writter of the poetry book "Bon Phul"
(A) Ambikagiri Raichoudhury
(B) Nalinibala Devi
(C) Jatindranath Dowara
(D) Saurabh Kumar Chaliha

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