Best Express Meaning Question

In the following questions, choose the best expresses the meaning of the Idoms\Phrase given in underline letters

Q16. In his present circumstances, he can just keep the wolf from the door
(A) save the family from wolf
(B) save his family from the cruel enemy
(C) keep the wolf as a pet
(D) manage to buy enough food for himself and his family

Q17. You cannot have your cake and eat it too
(A) enjoy forever
(B) enjoy without payment
(C) have it both ways
(D) absolve yourself of guilt

Q18. Mohan and Sohan are hand in glove with each other
(A) shake hands with each other
(B) fast friends
(C) wear gloves
(D) sworn enemies

Q19. My brother puts by a little money every month
(A) loses
(B) saves
(C) gives away
(D) spends carefully

Q20. I was in two minds whether to buy a new television or a new computer
(A) to be undecided
(B) to take two decisions
(C) to lose one's mind
(D) to be firm

Q21. He was on cloud nine when she heard that she had won the lottery
(A) very happy
(B) shocked
(C) confused
(D) frustrated

Q22. The prices are going up by leaps and bounds
(A) irregularly
(B) rapidly
(C) gradually
(D) systematically

Q23. The new Chief Minister has been able to bear down all opposition
(A) not to despair
(B) confirm
(C) support
(D) overthrow

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