Canada Quiz

Q1. Total number of provinces and territories in Canada is
(A) Seven provinces and two territories
(B) Seven provinces and four territories
(C) Ten provinces and three territories
(D) Eleven provinces and four territories

Q2. Which one is the largest city by population in Canada
(A) Montreal
(B) Toronto
(C) Ottawa
(D) Calgary

Q3. Besides English, which one is the other official language in Canada
(A) Spanish
(B) German
(C) French
(D) Italian

Q4. Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada
(A) John A. Macdonald
(B) Alexander Mackenzie
(C) John Thompson
(D) Charles Tupper

Q5. The Canada Day is celebrated every year on
(A) 3rd Janury
(B) 24th March
(C) 26th April
(D) 1st July

Q6. Which one is the highest point in Canada
(A) Mount Lucania
(B) Mount Garibaldi
(C) Mount Logan
(D) Mount Fairweather

Q7. Which one is the longest river in Canada
(A) Mackenzie River
(B) Saint Lawrence River
(C) Fraser River
(D) Ottawa River

Q8. Which one is the largest lake in Canada
(A) Great Bear Lake
(B) Lake Ontario
(C) Moraine Lake
(D) Emerald Lake

Q9. Which two are the national colors of Canada
(A) White and Black
(B) Red and White
(C) Blue and Yellow
(D) Blue and Green

Q10. Who is the first Canadian in space
(A) Chris Hadfield
(B) Dafydd Williams
(C) Bjarni Tryggvason
(D) Marc Garneau

Q11. When the Supreme Court of Canada was established in the year
(A) 1869
(B) 1875
(C) 1883
(D) 1896

Q12. Which city hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics Games
(A) Quebec
(B) Calgary
(C) Montreal
(D) Vancouver

Q13. Who is the first Canadian woman to win Nobel literature prize
(A) Alice Munro
(B) Margaret Atwood
(C) Iris Murdoch
(D) Sarah Polley

Q14. Which one is the largest city by area wise in Canada
(A) Ottawa
(B) Rouyn-Noranda
(C) La Tuque
(D) Val-d'Or

Q15. In which year English and French becomes the official language of Canada
(A) 1952
(B) 1962
(C) 1969
(D) 1972

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