Commerce Questions Answers

Q16. The concept of management by objectives was introduced by
(a) Peter F. Drucker
(b) F.W. Taylor
(c) Elton Mayo
(d) Rensis Linkert

Q17. A contract may be discharged by
(a) Performance of contract
(b) Operation of the law
(c) Mutual agreement
(d) All of the above

Q18. The maximum number of Directors in a Public company are
(a) 5
(b) 12
(c) 15
(d) 18

Q19. "Benevolent autocrat" is a/an
(a) leadership style
(b) auditor
(c) communication channel
(d) organization structure

Q20. In a partnership firm every partner is the principal as well as the ______
(a) Agent
(b) Karta
(c) Partner
(d) Owner

Q21. A financial asset that represents a claim to another financial asset is called
(a) Hedged asset
(b) Sub-ordinated asset
(c) Dual security
(d) Derivative asset

Q22. Which of the following is a result of separate entity concept
(a) Research and development
(b) Buying and selling
(c) Owners capital and drawings
(d) Sale of scrap

Q23. Accounting principles are generally based on
(a) subjectivity
(b) practicability
(c) applicability
(d) None of the above

Q24. The term ‘imprest system’ is used in relation to
(a) sales book
(b) cash book
(c) petty cash book
(d) None of the above

Q25. Amount of risk reduction in a portfolio depends upon
(a) Market movement
(b) Degree of correlation
(c) No. of shares
(d) Duration of the portfolio

Q26. Merger of two companies under BIFR supervision is known as
(a) Reverse merger
(b) Negotiated merger
(c) Offer for sale
(d) Arranged merger

Q27. A short term lease which is often cancellable is known as
(a) Finance lease
(b) Net lease
(c) Operating lease
(d) Leverage lease

Q28. Commercial paper are generally issued at prices
(a) Equal to face value
(b) More than face value
(c) Less than face value
(d) Equal to redemption value

Q29. Which of the following is a liability of a bank
(a) CDs
(b) Commercial papers
(c) Treasury Bills
(d) Junk Bonds

Q30. Who proposed the concept of meta market
(a) Sawhney
(b) Levitt
(c) Philip Kotler
(d) Robert Lauterborn

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