Computer Science Quiz

Q136. Which of the following are the characteristics of multiprocessors
(a) Ability to share main memory and I/O devices
(b) Increased reliability because of redundancy in processors
(c) Increased throughput because of execution of multiple jobs in parallel
(d) All of the above

Q137. The term ‘Locality of Reference’ is generally associated with
(a) Secondary Memory
(b) Registers
(c) Main Memory
(d) Cache Memory

Q138. Operating system level firewall provides an advantage over a Network level firewall by allowing traffic control/filter according to _________
(a) IP Addresses
(b) Port Numbers
(c) Application Programs
(d) Application Layer Protocols

Q139. In Windows operating system, terminal services refer to support for
(a) Terminating user sessions on a system
(b) Management of display devices
(c) Shut down the operating system
(d) Multiple interactive user sessions on a single system

Q140. The interval between the time of submission and completion of a job is called as
(a) Turnaround time
(b) Waiting time
(c) Response time
(d) Throughput

Q141. The default subnet mask for a Class C network is

Q142. If the systems use different protocols, then which one is used to connect the two systems
(a) hub
(b) bridge
(c) gateway
(d) repeater

Q143. LDAP stands for
(a) Large Directory Access Protocol
(b) Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
(c) Large Data Access Protocol
(d) Lightweight Data Access Protocol

Q144. Which one of the following is NOT a scripting language
(a) Javascript
(b) HTML
(c) XML
(d) Postscript

Q145. The circuit that is used to store one bit of data is
(a) Decoder
(b) Register
(c) Encoder
(d) Flip Flop

Q146. Which of the following is not a component of MS Office
(a) MS Word
(b) MS Excel
(c) MS Media Player
(d) MS Power Point

Q147. The encryption method for WPA2 is based on
(a) RSA
(b) DES
(c) AES
(d) RC4

Q148. Computer Network numbers are managed by
(a) CERN
(c) DRDO

Q149. The hyper text is also referred to as
(a) Picture with test
(b) Normal test
(c) Text with URL link
(d) Text in capital form

Q150. Which tag is used to create a hyper link
(a) < TH >
(b) < UL >
(c) < A >
(d) < B >

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