Computer Science Quiz

Q151. Which of the following is not an object oriented language
(a) Ruby
(b) C++
(c) Smalltalk

Q152. World Wide Web consortium was founded in 1994 by
(a) Vint Cerf
(b) Alan Turing
(c) Tim Berners
(d) Robert Cailliau

Q153. How many six letter passwords can be built using lower case letters and digits
(a) 66
(b) 166
(c) 366
(d) 566

Q154. A CPU with 16 bit program counter can address
(a) 16 k memory location
(b) 64 k memory location
(c) 128 k memory location
(d) 256 k memory location

Q155. When a packet is lost in transit, it should be handled by ____
(a) error control
(b) loss control
(c) sequence control
(d) duplication control

Q156. Client-side technology, such as ____ is used for validating user inputs
(a) JavaScript
(c) PHP
(d) None

Q157. Network layer firewall works as a
(a) frame filter
(b) packet filter
(c) Both of the above
(d) None of the above

Q158. Data Encryption Standard (DES) encrypts data in block size of _____ bits each
(a) 16 bit
(b) 32 bit
(c) 64 bit
(d) 128 bit

Q159. The ______ tag can be used to create hyperlinks
(a) anchor
(b) arrow
(c) link
(d) pointer

Q160. Cell Relay is also known as
(a) ISDN
(b) X.25
(c) ATM
(d) Frame Relay

Q161. The protocol used by TCP for connection establishment is
(a) One way handshake
(b) Two way handshake
(c) Three way handshake
(d) Four way handshake

Q162. Which Protocol assigns IP address to the client connected in the internet
(a) DNS
(b) RPC
(c) OSPF
(d) DHCP

Q163. What is the header length of an IPv6 datagram
(a) 8 bytes
(b) 26 bytes
(c) 40 bytes
(d) 48 bytes

Q164. A very high speed memory is placed between the CPU and the primary memory is known as
(a) Cache
(b) RAM
(c) ROM
(d) Memory Card

Q165. In MS-Access, which one is used to store data in rows and columns
(a) Form
(b) Report
(c) Query
(d) Table

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