Computer Science Quiz

Q61. A cloud environment available via the internet to any one willing to pay is
(a) Public cloud
(b) Remote cloud
(c) Hybrid cloud
(d) Private cloud

Q62. Which RAID level represents an Error - correcting codes (ECC) can be used directly in disk arrays by striping bytes across disks
(a) RAID level1
(b) RAID level2
(c) RAID level3
(d) RAID level5

Q63. A file that records information about every HTTP request processed by the server
(a) Web Server Log
(b) Message Log
(c) Directory Log
(d) Access Log

Q64. The process of preventing or inhibiting the normal use or management of communication facilities is called as
(a) Masquerade
(b) Replay
(c) Denial of service
(d) Blocking

Q65. The Digital Signature Standard (DSS) makes use of _____ algorithm
(a) Super Hash Algorithm
(b) Secure Hash Algorithm
(c) Signature Hack Algorithm
(d) Signature Hide Algorithm

Q66. The universal logic gates are
(a) AND, OR and NOT
(b) EXOR and OR
(c) AND and OR
(d) NAND and NOR

Q67. Special type of table, which can only be accessed and updated by the database system itself is called
(a) Data Storage
(b) Data Dictionary
(c) DBMS
(d) Tuples

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