Computer Science Quiz

Q76. In a computer, the parity bit is added for the purpose of
(a) Coding
(b) Error detection
(c) Controlling
(d) Indexing

Q77. What is the tool for recording the amount of time spent for slide presentation
(a) Rehearse timing
(b) Slide time setting
(c) Slide timer
(d) Timing recorder

Q78. What is the first computer that used a stored program concept
(d) SPCC

Q79. A group of four bits is also called
(a) Nibble
(b) Quarted
(c) Bit Set
(d) Byte

Q80. What is the register that contains the address of the next instruction
(a) Instruction register
(b) Accumulator
(c) Container
(d) Program counter

Q81. One GHz is one _____ cycles per second
(a) thousand
(b) million
(c) billion
(d) trillion

Q82. Quick sort algorithm is based on
(a) Divide and Conquer
(b) Dynamic Programming
(c) Greedy Method
(d) None of the above

Q83. The average number of transaction completed in a given time is called as
(a) response time
(b) throughput
(c) commit
(d) serial schedule

Q84. ISDN is an example of ___ network
(a) Circuit switched
(b) Packet switched
(c) Electric switch
(d) None

Q85. Which of the following is not a software engineering paradigm
(a) Waterfall model
(b) Spiral model
(c) Generic model
(d) Incremental process model

Q86. Which is not a valid join in SQL
(a) left outer join
(b) partial outer join
(c) full outer join
(d) natural full outer join

Q87. A term used to describe the process of reorganizing a hard drive’s data to help increase the proficiency of accessing the data is
(a) Defragmentation
(b) Deceleration
(c) Disk Management
(d) Disk Duplexing

Q88. What is the full name of CCTV
(a) Closed Contact Television
(b) Closed Circuit Television
(c) Closed Circuit Transmission
(d) Closed Circuit Translation

Q89. The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage was called
(a) Abacus
(b) Process Engine
(c) Analytical Engine
(d) Digital Engine

Q90. In the field of computer, VIRUS stands for
(a) Very Intelligent Result Until Source
(b) Vital Information Resource Under Siege
(c) Viral Important Record User Searched
(d) Very Interchanged Resource Under Search

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