Computer Science Quiz

Q106. PowerPoint readymade design is called
(a) Template
(b) Layout
(c) Designer
(d) Guide

Q107. In what type of network architecture every workstation has equivalent capability and responsibility
(a) Client Server
(b) LAN
(c) WAN
(d) Peer to Peer

Q108. "Debug" is the term which denotes
(a) writing of instructions in developing a program
(b) error correction process
(c) fault detection in devices
(d) status-check of devices

Q109. Calculation and comparisons based on the instructions are done in ______ in a computer
(a) Main Memory
(b) Arithmetic and Logic Unit
(c) Control Unit
(d) Auxillary memory

Q110. The type of mouse which uses reflected light to measure its movements is called
(a) Optical mouse
(b) PS/2 mouse
(c) Mechanical mouse
(d) Wheel mouse

Q111. What is the area in the computer that is used to hold information that is being cut and pasted
(a) embedded
(b) hold
(c) clipboard
(d) link

Q112. In which Powerpoint view you can reorganize the slides and change the overlook of the Presentation
(a) Slide show view
(b) Slide sorter view
(c) Outline view
(d) Normal view

Q113. A ________ simultaneously look up sites that match your keywords, phase or questions
(a) Web Analyser
(b) Web page
(c) Web server
(d) Web based search engine

Q114. Every web page has a unique address called
(a) PIN address
(b) Uniform resource locator
(c) Hyperlink
(d) Map

Q115. FORTRAN is a
(a) High level language
(b) Middle level language
(c) Machine language
(d) Assembly language

Q116. Magnetic Disk tracks are divided into smaller parts called as
(a) Clusters
(b) Bytes
(c) Sectors
(d) Slices

Q117. Which special key on the keyboard has a picture of the Windows Logo on it
(a) Start Key
(b) Num Lock Key
(c) Escape Key
(d) Caps Lock Key

Q118. Which of the following is not a cloud storage
(a) Hard disks
(b) Xdrive
(c) MediaMax
(d) Strongspace

Q119. JSP stands for
(a) Java Simple Pages
(b) Java System Protocol
(c) Java Server Pages
(d) Java Server Protocol

Q120. Web Crawler is also known as
(a) Link Directory
(b) Search Optimizer
(c) Web Manager
(d) Web Spider

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