Computer Science Quiz

Q121. ______ is a way to quickly access a favourite website by saving it in your browser
(a) Cookie
(b) Bookmark
(c) Blog
(d) None of these

Q122. The machine language of computer is based on
(a) Abstract Algebra
(b) Matrix Algebra
(c) Boolean Algebra
(d) Linear Algebra

Q123. What is the maximum size of cookies
(a) 2kb
(b) 4kb
(c) 16kb
(d) 32kb

Q124. Most of the files are downloaded using a protocol named as
(a) FTP
(b) NTP
(c) HTTP
(d) STP

Q125. In the context of internet what is the full form of ftp
(a) Formatted transfer process
(b) Formal texting process
(c) File transmission procedure
(d) File transfer protocol

Q126. ______ is a set of programs that controls and supervises the hardware of a computer system and provides services to computer users
(a) Compiler
(b) Assembler
(c) Operating system
(d) Device Driver

Q127. Which one is used to identify the document specifically
(a) URL
(b) URN
(c) URC
(d) URI

Q128. A video consists of sequence of
(a) Frames
(b) Signals
(c) Packets
(d) Slots

Q129. What does AVI stands for
(a) Adapted video for internet
(b) Audio voice interleaved
(c) Audio video interleaved
(d) Audio for voice on the internet

Q130. MS-Access is a
(a) Database Tool
(b) Web page Tool
(c) Programming Tool
(d) Layout Tool

Q131. Which of the following is not a relational databases
(a) dBASE IV
(b) 4th Dimension
(c) Foxpro
(d) Reflex

Q132. In MS-Access ____ is essential for eliminating redundancy in specified field
(a) Primary key
(b) Foreign key
(c) Check constraints
(d) Auto increment

Q133. To recover deleted e-mail messages click on
(a) Drafts
(b) Trash
(c) Sent mail
(d) All mail

Q134. The second part of the email address is
(a) User name
(b) mail name
(c) Host name
(d) Receipint name

Q135. To save the currently opened file in word with a different name
(a) Select,copy and paste
(b) Save
(c) Save as
(d) All

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