Computer General Knowledge Question

Q121. In currently open PowerPoint presentation, a new slide is inserted using shortcut key
(a) Ctrl + N
(b) Ctrl + S
(c) Ctrl + M
(d) Shift + N

Q122. Box that identifies the patterns and colours that are assigned to the data series or categories in a chart created in MS-Excel is called
(a) Legend
(b) Chart area
(c) Data label
(d) Plot area

Q123. MS-Excel function to return the accrued interest for a security that pays interest at maturity is
(a) DDB

Q124. Which of the following is not valid data type in MS-Excel
(a) Number
(b) Character
(c) Label
(d) Date/Time

Q125. What is the intersection of a column and row on a worksheet called
(a) Column
(b) Value
(c) Address
(d) Cell

Q126. Generally, which language is used to construct World Wide Web pages
(a) URL
(b) IRC
(c) NIH
(d) HTML

Q127. USB Port stands for
(a) United Serial Bus Port
(b) Universal Serial Bus Port
(c) Universal Sequential Bus Port
(d) Universal Serial BIOS Port

Q128. In context of Computers, FAT stands for
(a) Folder Access Table
(b) File Access Table
(c) File Allocation Table
(d) Folder Allocation Table

Q129. MS Word is an example of
(a) Operating System
(b) Processing Device
(c) Application Software
(d) Input Device

Q130. Which of the following is not a mandatory component of a URL
(a) Resource Path
(b) Protocol
(c) Port Number
(d) None of these

Q131. The ________ lists the location of the files on the disk
(a) FAT
(b) Boot sector
(c) Data area
(d) Root Folder

Q132. Where are cookies stored
(a) On the client
(b) In HTML
(c) In web.xml
(d) None of these

Q133. To add an internal card to a computer, it must have an open ________
(a) USB Port
(b) Expansion slot
(c) Bus
(d) Bay

Q134. The _________ interface transmits one bit at a time
(a) Parallel
(b) SCSI
(c) Serial
(d) Fiber

Q135. Data moves through the network in a structure called ____________
(a) Payload
(b) Payback
(c) Packets
(d) Datagram

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