Choose Alternative Words

Q61. They were no longer able to provide the help their children need
(a) helped their children needed
(b) helped their children need
(c) help their children needed
(d) No Improvement

Q62. In quick time she got acquainted with the new environment
(a) enough time
(b) small time
(c) no time
(d) No Improvement

Q63. From last three days, police is engage in relief and rescue operation
(a) was engaged
(b) have been engaged
(c) has engaged
(d) No Improvement

Q64. I was very scared after I come out of the house
(a) came out
(b) coming out
(c) was come out
(d) No Improvement

Q65. There is no one on the political horizon as sharp as him when it has coming to understanding complexities of Indian politics
(a) it comes
(b) it has comes
(c) it coming
(d) No Improvement

Q66. The government accused the drugmaker for bribing doctors and hospital officials to increase its sales
(a) of
(b) to
(c) with
(d) No Improvement

Q67. In spite of my friend invited me to a party, I do not want to go
(a) Despite
(b) Even if
(c) Although
(d) No Improvement

Q68. He will be the second Indian to be deliver a lecture at the Centre
(a) to delivered
(b) to deliver
(c) to be delivered
(d) No Improvement

Q69. Did he known more about the company policies, he might not have accepted the offer
(a) Had he known more
(b) Since not more was known
(c) He had known more
(d) No Improvement

Q70. The sooner we finish the speeches, the sooner we can get on with the celebration
(a) get along with
(b) get on
(c) getting on with
(d) No Improvement

Q71. Always leave two-Inch blank on the bottom of each page for teacher's remarks
(a) gap
(b) margin
(c) border
(d) No Improvement

Q72. Heat the stock in a pan and keep in a low simmer
(a) keep at
(b) keep on
(c) keep to
(d) No Improvement

Q73. Paramilitary personnel were deployed to restoring infrastructure badly injured by the storm
(a) influenced
(b) distressed
(c) affected
(d) No Improvement

Q74. Communication links have been vastly disrupted by the strong winds that goes upto a speed of 220 kmph
(a) went upto
(b) gone uto
(c) gets
(d) No Improvement

Q75. His wife died after contracting a rare skin disease which was treated by the Govt hospital
(a) died in
(b) died at
(c) died to
(d) No Improvement

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