Choose Alternative Words

Q91. You must apologise with him for this
(a) to
(b) of
(c) for
(d) No Improvement

Q92. Since he worked hard he failed to secure good grades
(a) As
(b) When
(c) Though
(d) No Improvement

Q93. The CEO agreed will answer questions on meeting
(a) to answer
(b) for asnwering
(c) with asnwering
(d) No Improvement

Q94. A pair of shoes have been purchased by me
(a) has been
(b) has being
(c) would been
(d) No Improvement

Q95. He throwed it out of the window
(a) threw
(b) throw
(c) thrown
(d) No Improvement

Q96. In the hot afternoon, after a long walk, I rested under the shadow of a tree
(a) shelter
(b) shade
(c) cool
(d) No Improvement

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