Fill up the blanks Question

Q181. The girl was full of ________ for the generosity she was shown.
(a) admirating
(b) admirability
(c) admiration
(d) admires

Q182. The decision was ______ owing to no consensus among the members.
(a) put by
(b) put off
(c) put up
(d) put through

Q183. The manager ______ publicly for his actions.
(a) apologize
(b) apologized
(c) apologetic
(d) apologising

Q184. The bank _____ my application to expedite a home loan.
(a) turned down
(b) turned into
(c) turned by
(d) turned off

Q185. He has firm _____ in himself.
(a) belief
(b) believes
(c) beliefs
(d) believe

Q186. She is _____ for her actions on moral grounds
(a) justiced
(b) justify
(c) justified
(d) justivefied

Q187. I am surprised how he _____ this book.
(a) come to
(b) came by
(c) come through
(d) come off

Q188. She ____ nothing from me.
(a) keeps away
(b) keeps for
(c) keeps over
(d) keeps back

Q189. One must work hard if one wants to get ______________ in life
(a) on
(b) out
(c) up
(d) away

Q190. Ram made the most _____ his resources
(a) at
(b) of
(c) from
(d) with

Q191. The jury _____ divided in their opinion
(a) were
(b) was
(c) have
(d) have been

Q192. Let's meet _____ next week
(a) sometimes
(b) sometime
(c) some time
(d) some times

Q193. No sooner ____ the sun risen than the fog disappeared
(a) did
(b) has
(c) had
(d) was

Q194. We travelled _______ Raghu's car
(a) by
(b) with
(c) in
(d) at

Q195. I saw Balu felling a big tree ___________ an axe
(a) with
(b) by
(c) in
(d) through

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