Fill in the Blanks

Q16. It is certain that human beings ______ latent power of which they are only vaguely aware
(a) exhibit
(b) possess
(c) impose
(d) knowledge

Q17. It is already 5 o'clock. Can you _____ time to catch the bus?
(a) have it in
(b) have enough
(c) make it in
(d) made it

Q18. The problem _______ a lot of thought
(a) calls for
(b) comes across
(c) calls on
(d) comes into

Q19. I promise to ________ you in all circumstances
(a) stand up to
(b) stand with
(c) stand off
(d) stand by

Q20. He has _________ his mind to join the army
(a) make by
(b) made with
(c) made by
(d) made up

Q21. The girl ran _______ the field when she saw her father after long time
(a) in
(b) across
(c) on
(d) along

Q22. I _________ a single word he says
(a) not believe
(b) don't believe
(c) am not believing
(d) will not believe

Q23. The colour of the walls in my room has faded _________
(a) in
(b) with
(c) away
(d) on

Q24. It's difficult ______ reconcile such different points of view
(a) with
(b) to
(c) in
(d) on

Q25. The agenda for the meeting is _______ the notice
(a) forwarded in
(b) subscribed to
(c) enclosed with
(d) delivered as

Q26. Macbeth's desire _____ power brought about his downfall
(a) in
(b) for
(c) with
(d) as

Q27. I have brought some books _______ you to examine
(a) to
(b) for
(c) with
(d) over

Q28. The speaker did not properly space out his speech, but went on _______ one point only
(a) stressing
(b) avoiding
(c) devoting
(d) decrying

Q29. He decided to _______ his degree examination in order to get a higher score.
(a) redo
(b) reappear
(c) rewrite
(d) remake

Q30. Army _________ troubled places as curfew remained in force
(a) moving
(b) walking
(c) patrolling
(d) running

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