Fill in the Blanks

Q61. Has the driver drunk when he ______ at the wheel?
(a) is
(b) have
(c) had
(d) was

Q62. When the doorbell rang, I was ________ my bath
(a) in
(b) have
(c) having
(d) with

Q63. The police came after the thieves __________
(a) was left
(b) have left
(c) is left
(d) had left

Q64. I knew him by his likeness _______ to his father
(a) with
(b) to
(c) by
(d) on

Q65. He instilled that idea ______ my mind
(a) in
(b) to
(c) into
(d) on

Q66. Some people __________ to the officer against him about his mis-deeds
(a) asked
(b) complained
(c) question
(d) informed

Q67. Cholera has broken _________ in their town
(a) into
(b) in
(c) out
(d) by

Q68. United we _______, divided we fall
(a) gather
(b) combine
(c) stand
(d) strong

Q69. You should _______ down your expenditure
(a) low
(b) reduce
(c) deduce
(d) cut

Q70. He said he would pick me _______ at the hotel lobby in the evening
(a) in
(b) up
(c) with
(d) to

Q71. I do not like to intrude _______ your privacy
(a) to
(b) at
(c) into
(d) upon

Q72. I have too many problems to deal ________
(a) in
(b) by
(c) with
(d) within

Q73. When are mangoes ______ enough to eat ?
(a) mature
(b) ready
(c) full
(d) ripe

Q74. A plane was forced to make an emergency landing after it was hit by a ______ of birds
(a) group
(b) flock
(c) assembly
(d) swarm

Q75. It is 20 years since i ______ him
(a) see
(b) saw
(c) have seen
(d) had been seen

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