First in the World

A long and complete list of First in the World which are achieved by extra-ordinary peoples around the world in different categories....

★ First Asian city to host Olympics --------- Tokyo, Japan, 1964

★ First Athlete disqualified at the Olympics for drug use --------- Hans-Gunnar Lijenwall, Mexico Olympics, 1968

★ First Blind person to conquer the Everest --------- Erik Weihenmayer, USA, 2001

★ First Cricket Club --------- Cricket club founded in Hambledon, England

★ First Country to Print Books --------- China

★ First Country to issue paper currency --------- China

★ First Country to start Civil Service Competition --------- China

★ First Country to make education compulsory --------- Prussia

★ First Country to win World Cup football --------- Uruguay

★ First Country to make a constitution --------- USA

★ First Country to Organize NAM Summit --------- Belgrade

★ First Country to send human to Moon --------- USA

★ First Country to launch satellite into space --------- Russia

★ First Country to host modern Olympics --------- Greece

★ First Country to launch Radio Telescope Satellite into space --------- Japan

★ First European to visit China --------- Marco Polo

★ First Man to climb Mt Everest --------- Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, 1953

★ First Man to reach North Pole --------- Robert Peary

★ First Man to reach South Pole --------- Ronald Amundsen

★ First Man to Fly an aeroplan --------- Wright Brothers

★ First Man to sail around the World --------- Ferdinand Magellan

★ First Man to set foot on the Moon --------- Neil Armstrong

★ First Man to go to the space --------- Major Yuri Gagarin

★ First Man to draw the map of Earth --------- Anexemander

★ First Man to compile Encyclopedia --------- Aspheosis

★ First Man to win Nobel Prize in Literature --------- Rene FA and Silt Pradhom

★ First Man to win Nobel Prize in Peace --------- Jin F Dunant and Frederic Peiry

★ First Man to win Nobel Prize in Physics --------- WK Roentgen

★ First Man to win Nobel Prize in Chemistry --------- JH Wenthoff

★ First Man to win Nobel Prize in Medicine --------- AE Wonn Behring

★ First Man to win Nobel Prize in Economics --------- Ranger Fish and John Tinbergen

★ First Man to sail around the World alone --------- Joshua Slocum

★ First Man tourist in Space --------- Dennis Tito

★ First Man to have climbed Mount Everest Twice --------- Nawang Gombu

★ First Man Oscar winner for the Best Actor --------- Emil Jannings, 1928

★ First Man to win Tour de France --------- Maurice Garin, 1903

★ First Man boxing champion --------- Tim Hyer, 1841

★ First Man chess champion --------- Wilhelm Steinitz, 1886

★ First Man to walk in space --------- Alexei Arkhovich Leonov, 1965

★ First Man heart transplant was performed by --------- Dr. Christian Barnard, 1967

★ First Man heart transplant recipient --------- Louis Washkansky, 1967

★ First Man to fly solo non stop across the Atlantic --------- Charles Lindbergh, 1927

★ First Man to swim across the English Channel --------- Matthew Webb, 1875

★ First Man to fly solo nonstop around the world in ballon --------- Steve Fossett, U.S., 2002

★ First Man to cross the Pacific Ocean in hot air balloon --------- Ben Abruzzo and team in the Double Eagle V

★ First Movie in the world --------- The jazz Singer , 1927

★ First Parkinson’s disease was first described by --------- James Parkinson, British neurologist, 1817

★ First Religion of the world --------- Santosh Dharma

★ First Recipient of a permanent artificial heart --------- Barney Clark, 1982

★ First Secretary General of UN --------- Trigve Li

★ First Space shuttle launched --------- Colombia

★ First Space ship landed on Moon --------- Viking-1

★ First Space vehicle to land on the moon --------- Lunar Exploration Module (LEM)

★ First Woman tourist in Space --------- Mrs Anousheh Ansari

★ First Woman civilian police adviser of the U.N. --------- Kiran Bedi

★ First Woman Bishop --------- Rev Barbara C. Harris (USA)

★ First Woman to win Nobel Prize in Literature --------- Selma Lagerlöf

★ First Woman to win Nobel Prize in Peace --------- Bertha von Suttner

★ First Woman to win Nobel Prize in Physics --------- Marie Curie-Skłodowska

★ First Woman to win Nobel Prize in Chemistry --------- Marie Curie-Skłodowska

★ First Woman to win Nobel Prize in Medicine --------- Gerty Theresa Cori

★ First Woman to win Nobel Prize in Economics --------- Elinor Ostrom

★ First Woman Prime Minister of a Country --------- S Bhandarnayake

★ First Woman Cosmonaut in Space --------- Valentina Tereshkova, USSR

★ First Woman to Climb Mt. Everest --------- Juno Tabei, Japan

★ First Woman President of UN General assembly --------- Vijayalakshmi Pandit

★ First Woman to reach North Pole --------- Mrs Fran Phipps

★ First Woman to reach Antartica --------- Caroline Michaelson

★ First Woman President of a Country --------- Maria Estela Peron

★ First Woman to sail around the world alone --------- Kat Cotte

★ First Woman to win an Olympic Gold Medal --------- Charlotte Cooper, UK, Tennis singles, 1900

★ First Woman professional bullfighter --------- Patricia Mccormick, 1952

★ First Women’s Olympic marathon Champion --------- Joan Benoit, Los Angles, 1984

★ First Woman to Climb Mt. Everest twice --------- Santosh Yadav

★ First Woman Oscar winner for Best Actress --------- Janet Gaynor, 1928

★ First Woman black tennis player to win a singles title at Wimbledon --------- A Gibson, 1957

★ First Woman to win a Grand Slam --------- Maureen Catherine, 1953

★ First Woman to swim the English Channel --------- Gertrude Ederle, 1926

★ First Woman to set foot on North Pole --------- Ann Bancroft, USA, 1986

★ First University of the world --------- Taxila University

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