France Quiz

Q1. Which river passes through Paris
(A) Loire
(B) Rhine
(C) Seine
(D) Garonne

Q2. Which lady character was a national symbol during French Republic
(A) Marianne
(B) Bella
(C) Adele
(D) Sabriel

Q3. Which one is the highest point in France
(A) Pic Palas
(B) Barre des Ecrins
(C) Hohneck
(D) Mont Blanc

Q4. Which one is the longest river in France
(A) Loire
(B) Rhine
(C) Seine
(D) Moselle

Q5. In which year euro banknotes and coins were introduced in France
(A) 1998
(B) 1999
(C) 2001
(D) 2002

Q6. Who was the first France person to received Nobel Prize in Literature
(A) Anatole France
(B) Romain Rolland
(C) Frédéric Mistral
(D) Sully Prudhomme

Q7. Who was the first king of the House of Bourbon
(A) Louis XIII
(B) Henry IV
(C) Charles IX
(D) Louis XV

Q8. Which king is also known as the Sun King
(A) Louis XIV
(B) Louis XV
(C) Charles IX
(D) Francis II

Q9. In which year, Charles de Gaulle elected as the President of France
(A) 1945
(B) 1951
(C) 1959
(D) 1965

Q10. Which king built the Bastille fortress in Paris
(A) Napoleon
(B) John II
(C) Charles V
(D) Charles VI

Q11. When the France Revolution was ended
(A) 1775
(B) 1779
(C) 1783
(D) 1799

Q12. Who wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Woman in 1791 during France Revolution
(A) Olympe de Gouges
(B) Madame Roland
(C) Charlotte Corday
(D) Theroigne de Mericourt

Q13. Who was the first French astronaut to go into space
(A) Patrick Baudry
(B) Jean-Loup Chrétien
(C) Léopold Eyharts
(D) Jean-Pierre Haigneré

Q14. When Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Russia
(A) 1802
(B) 1808
(C) 1812
(D) 1826

Q15. The capital punishment in France law was abolished in
(A) 1966
(B) 1972
(C) 1977
(D) 1981

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