Geology GK Quiz

Q46. Which one is the line connecting the points of zero inclination of the Earth's surface
(a) Magnetic declination
(b) Magnetic meridian
(c) Magnetic equator
(d) Both (B) and (C)

Q47. The very fine megascopic layer in a sedimentary beds are known as
(a) Stratum
(b) Lamina
(c) Bed
(d) Diagenesis

Q48. The Nebular Hypothesis about the origin of the Solar System is given by
(a) Kant and Laplace
(b) Moulton
(c) Schmidt
(d) Weizascar

Q49. Mariana Trench lies in
(a) Indian Ocean
(b) Pacific Ocean
(c) Atlantic Ocean
(d) Arctic Ocean

Q50. Andesite line occurs at
(a) African rift zone
(b) Caribbean Sea
(c) Mid Atlantic oceanic ridge zone
(d) Circum-Pacific ocean region

Q51. The first mass extinction happened in which period
(a) Cambrian
(b) Ordovician
(c) Silurian
(d) Devonian

Q52. Which of the following processes helps in the formation of rift valley
(a) Folding
(b) Faulting
(c) Seismic activity
(d) Volcanic eruption

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