Goa at a glance

Goa is a state located on the west coast of India, known for its beaches, nightlife, and Portuguese colonial heritage. The capital city is Panaji, and the largest city is Vasco da Gama. The official language is Konkani, and the population as of 2021 census is approximately 1.5 million.

The economy of Goa is primarily based on tourism, with a significant portion of its GDP generated from the hospitality industry. The state is also known for its mining industry, primarily for iron ore.

Goa has a rich cultural heritage, with a mix of Indian and Portuguese influences. The state is famous for its beaches, such as Baga and Anjuna, and its historic churches, such as the Se Cathedral and the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Goa is also known for its seafood, festivals such as the Goa Carnival and Christmas, and its nightlife.

Here, Goa at a glance provides important information and figures about Goa. This is helpful for General Knowledge exams.

Goa at a glance
Particulars Description
Capital Panaji
Established 30th May 1987
Largest City Vasco da Gama
Latitude 15.2993° N
Longitude 74.1240° E
Area Total 3,702 km2
Districts 2
Sub Divisions 8
Development Block 11
No. of Municipal Corporations 1
Total Towns 38
Villages 334
Total Population (Census 2011) 1458545
Male (Census 2011) 739140
Female (Census 2011) 719405
Density (Census 2011) 394 per sq. km
Literacy Rate -Total (Census 2011) 88.70%
Literacy Rate -Male (Census 2011) 92.65%
Literacy Rate -Female (Census 2011) 84.66%
Highest peak Sonsogor (3,366 feet)
Official Language Konkani
State Mammal Gaur 
State Bird Flame-throated bulbul
State Flower Jasmine
State Tree Matti Terminalia crenulata
State Fruit Cashew
Airport Dabolim
Lok Sabha Constituency 2
Rajya Sabha Seat 1
Vidhan Sabha Constituency 40