How to block a website locally in a Computer or Laptop

A website can be blocked locally in a PC, Computer or Laptop by easily editing the host file. A hosts file is located in a Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Windows 7) machine under the Windows folder in C Drive. To locate and edit the host file you can simply follow the following steps:

1. Click start, then click run (or Windows + R)

2. Type "drivers” and press enter.

3. Open the "etc" folder.

4. You will find the hosts file inside the "etc" folder.

5. Right click on the hosts file.

6. Click the open option and select notepad.

7. In the host file below the "         localhost" line, you can type the website which you want to block below that one in the format:

                                             url of the block website



8. Then save the file and close it.

The above process can be done with Administrative Account privilege.
In Windows 2000 or Windows NT machine the host file can be found in C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\. While in Windows 98 and Windows ME machine it can be found in C:\WINDOWS\.