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Search Gmail Account by mail size

Sometime we need to find out mail in Gmail account by size. Specially if you received a lot of mail daily and space in your account is almost used, than you can delete mails which are not necessary and larger in size. Deleting larger size mail

How to block mail id from sending mail in gmail

When you require blocking one or more mail id from sending mail to you, all you need is to create a filter. Follow the below process to block a mail id from sending mail to your inbox

How to block a Website

A website can be blocked locally in a PC, Computer or Laptop by easily editing the host file. A hosts file is located in a Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Windows 7) machine under the Windows folder in C Drive. To locate and

How to load a profile faster

When a Windows machine runs for long time like 6 months or 1 year without the need of formatting, it starts to takes time while loading the your windows profile. You can make the profile load faster by the following steps

Convert Word Excel File to PDF File Offline

In day to day work on computer some time we require to convert our word and excel file to PDF file. Most of the time, we do it through online searching in Google and use other website to convert online. But we can do it in offline

How to Find Out system configuration

In a Windows machine, the detail of system configuration can be find out by three simple processes:
Right on My Computer icon and go to properties. You will find the details in General Tab.

How to remove copy paste error in remote machine

Sometime we have face problem in the copy paste function in remote machine. An error massage like “Cannot empty the Clipboard" shown and the copy paste function stop suddenly. This problem occurs due to a proces