Idioms Phrases List

Q46. With open arms
(a) With happiness
(b) Paying attention
(c) Kind
(d) To whisper

Q47. Word of mouth
(a) To make Promise
(b) Wrong information
(c) To spread by talking
(d) To someone happy

Q48. Out of question
(a) Blurry
(b) Very far
(c) Isolated
(d) Impossible

Q49. Bread and butter
(a) One's income
(b) One's basic meal
(c) Very easy
(d) To dislike

Q50. Food for thought
(a) Something to think about
(b) Feeling good
(c) Thinking about food
(d) Determination to solve a problem

Q51. In the nick of time
(a) Just in Time
(b) Reach after job done
(c) Reach before time
(d) Doing nothing

Q52. A man of letters
(a) A writer
(b) Man with little knowledge
(c) Proficient in literary art
(d) Good sports person

Q53. Have an axe to grind
(a) something to complain about
(b) Giving importance to something
(c) Find something difficult
(d) React positively

Q54. Bite Your Tongue
(a) Talking loudly
(b) Making something worse
(c) Avoid talking
(d) Injured own face

Q55. Hold Your Horses
(a) Running Fast
(b) Easily successful
(c) Be patient
(d) Aggressive Possession

Q56. Make mouth water
(a) Arguing with someone
(b) Make someone hungry
(c) Make someone angry
(d) Avoid conflict

Q57. Kick the bucket
(a) To born
(b) To understand
(c) To forget
(d) To die

Q58. To cast aspersions
(a) To talk carefully
(b) To talk secrects
(c) To make insulting remark
(d) To run away

Q59. No love lost between
(a) Friendly
(b) Avoiding
(c) Dislike
(d) Arrogant

Q60. Off track
(a) Speaking unnecessary
(b) To lose focus
(c) Make mistake
(d) Achiving impossible

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