Idioms Phrases MCQ

Q61. To end in smoke
(a) To come to nothing
(b) To gain importance
(c) To praise oneself
(d) To reach target

Q62. To cry wolf
(a) To refer to
(b) To emphasise
(c) To have no result
(d) To give false alarm

Q63. On a roll
(a) Running fast
(b) In the midst of successes
(c) To meet the disaster
(d) To have faith in someone

Q64. Lean and mean
(a) To destroy something
(b) To create something
(c) Using only what is necessary
(d) Not afraid dangerous situations

Q65. Next to nothing
(a) Hardly anything
(b) To produce
(c) Without answer
(d) Reject without consideration

Q66. Every trick in the book
(a) Nothing Happening
(b) Be optomistic
(c) Try every possible way
(d) Forgive someone

Q67. All In The Same Boat
(a) Everyone facing same challenges
(b) To avoid talking
(c)Doing something special
(d) Travelling on same vehicle

Q68. Get rid of
(a) Invite somenone
(b) Attend an occasion
(c) To begin to do something
(d) Dispose of

Q69. Baker's Dozen
(a) Twelve
(b) Ten
(c) Thirteen
(d) Fifteen

Q70. Smell A Rat
(a) To reveal secrets
(b) To suspect that something is wrong
(c) Talking nonsense
(d) To get momentum in a job

Q71. Tie the knot
(a) To get married
(b) To get educated
(c) To hit someone
(d) To be turned away

Q72. Without a doubt
(a) No idea
(b) For certain
(c) Without knowledge
(d) Without laws

Q73. To come clean
(a) Cleaning a place
(b) No idea about an incident
(c) To make a honest disclosure
(d) To deny the crime

Q74. By hook or by crook
(a) By any means
(b) To avoid taking sides
(c) To relax
(d) Feel uncomfortable

Q75. Sorted out
(a) Conflict
(b) Supported
(c) Exited
(d) Resolved

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