Idioms Phrases Trivia

Q91. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed
(a) Not Agree with someone
(b) Feeling unhappy
(c) Disrespect
(d) To make promise

Q92. Best of both worlds
(a) Good for everyone
(b) All the advantages
(c) Very happy
(d) Going long distance

Q93. A hot potato
(a) Speak of an issue
(b) Speak very loud
(c) Something very good
(d) Delicious

Q94. Break the ice
(a) removing the initial hesitation
(b) removing the dust
(c) clearing the dew
(d) insulting someone

Q95. To smell a rat
(a) to detect bad smell
(b) to misunderstand
(c) to suspect a trick
(d) to see hidden meaning

Q96. Achilles heel
(a) the strongest point
(b) a fatal weakness
(c) a big hill
(d) a folk dance

Q97. At one's fingertips
(a) to take revenge
(b) matter of shame
(c) readily available knowledge
(d) balancing on fingers

Q98. To make one's mark
(a) to succeed brilliantly
(b) to fail miserably
(c) to remain mediocre
(d) to become overactive

Q99. To bring to light
(a) to switch on the light
(b) to make widely known
(c) to lighten up
(d) to start to burn

Q100. At the eleventh hour
(a) at eleven o'clock
(b) at the beginning
(c) at the last moment
(d) in the middle of something

Q101. Put up with
(a) to live with someone
(b) to express something
(c) to put in a higher position
(d) tolerate

Q102. Make one's flesh creep
(a) To confuse someone
(b) To abuse someone
(c) To help someone
(d) To frighten someone

Q103. Rise like a phoenix
(a) To become successful again
(b) To fly high
(c) To become rich
(d) To respect someone

Q104. Bear the palm
(a) To read the future
(b) To be the winner
(c) To predict something
(d) To face the consequences

Q105. To give the devil his due
(a) To punish the wrong person
(b) To give credit to even a notorious person
(c) To applaud someone
(d) To stand in the way of the devil

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