India General Knowledge Exam Questions

Q76. Since which year, the railway budget was presented separated from the central budget
(a) 1924
(b) 1936
(c) 1950
(d) 1952

Q77. India's first e-court (paperless court) was opened at High Court of Judicature at
(a) Delhi
(b) Bengaluru
(c) Mumbai
(d) Hyderabad

Q78. Naval Hydrographic Office is located at
(a) Dehradun
(b) Pune
(c) Kolkata
(d) Visakhapatnam

Q79. Which of these missiles is not part of the Integrated Guided Missile Programme of India
(a) Aakash
(b) Prithvi
(c) Agni
(d) Brahmos

Q80. The North East Region is in the following earthquake risk zone
(a) Zone 1
(b) Zone 3
(c) Zone 4
(d) Zone 5

Q81. Major portion of Deccan Traps are made of
(a) Sandstone
(b) Basalt Rock
(c) Laterite
(d) Limestone

Q82. The State with largest Monazite resource in India is
(a) Andhra Pradesh
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Uttarakhand
(d) Bihar

Q83. Which State has the highest road density in India
(a) Goa
(b) Kerala
(c) Tamil Nadu
(d) Uttar Pradesh

Q84. Which port is called "Queen of Arabian Sea"
(a) Kochi
(b) Mumbai
(c) Surat
(d) Kandla

Q85. Which of the following State in India has the least percentage of people below proverty line
(a) Goa
(b) Maharashtra
(c) Punjab
(d) Tamil Nadu

Q86. Which rocket is also known as the work horse of ISRO
(a) GSLV
(b) PSLV
(c) ASLV
(d) RSLV

Q87. Out of the following, which is not a UNESCO World Heritage Site
(a) Nalanda
(b) Khangchendzonga National Park
(c) Capitol Complex at Chandigarh
(d) Kanha National Park

Q88. Which one of the followings is elected as the national microbe of India
(a) Bacillus Thurigiensis
(b) Lactobacillus
(c) Yeast
(d) Acetobacter

Q89. When was the Federation of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI) form
(a) 1923
(b) 1925
(c) 1927
(d) 1930

Q90. ASHA means
(a) Accredited Social Health Activist
(b) Accredited Socialist Health Association
(c) Accredited Social Health Association
(d) Accredited Social Health Assistant

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