Indian Culture Question

Q16. Mohiniyattam is a classical dance from
(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Kerala
(C) Karnataka
(D) Odisha

Q17. Eri, Muga and Pat silk are mainly produced in which state
(A) West Bengal
(B) Sikkim
(C) Assam
(D) Meghalaya

Q18. Nataraja is a depiction of the god
(A) Shiva
(B) Bishnu
(C) Bramha
(D) Indra

Q19. Tikli is an ornament wearing on the
(A) Ear
(B) Neck
(C) Forehead
(D) Hand

Q20. From which day of the Kartik month, Dugra Puja celebrated
(A) Second
(B) Fifth
(C) Six
(D) Eight

Q21. The last day of Durga Puja is known as
(A) Shashthi
(B) Saptami
(C) Nabami
(D) Dashami

Q22. Raja Ravi Varma is best known as
(A) Singer
(B) Painter
(C) Sculpture
(D) None of the above

Q23. Ayurveda is a combination of how many components
(A) 8
(B) 13
(C) 18
(D) 24

Q24. Which indian community celebrates the khordad sal
(A) Sikh
(B) Jain
(C) Parsi
(D) Hindu

Q25. Bagurumba dance is celebrated by which community of Assam
(A) Bodo
(B) Rabha
(C) Mishing
(D) Garo

Q26. Ghoomar is a folk dance of
(A) Gujrat
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Odisha
(D) Sikkim

Q27. How many chariots takes part in the annual Puri Rath Yatra
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 4

Q28. Somnath Temple is located in
(A) Jammu and Kashmir
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Uttarakhand
(D) Gujarat

Q29. Madhubani Paintings are associated with which state
(A) Jammu and Kashmir
(B) Bihar
(C) Assam
(D) Madhya Pradesh

Q30. The total number of Bihu celebrated in Assam during a year is
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Three
(D) Four

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