Indian Economy GK Questions

Q106. The "Social Protection Index" has been coined by
(a) Asian Development Bank
(b) World Bank
(c) UNDP-United Nations Development Programme
(d) Planning commission of India

Q107. Economic Survey of India is related to
(a) Planning Commission
(b) Reserve Bank of India
(c) Ministry of Finance
(d) Finance Commission

Q108. Mixed economy in India was first introduced in which five year plan
(a) 1st
(b) 2nd
(c) 3rd
(d) 4th

Q109. Employing Workers Index was released by
(a) World Bank
(c) International Labour Organization
(d) Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

Q110. Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation (LPG) model of development was introduced in India in the year
(a) 1989
(b) 1990
(c) 1991
(d) 1992

Q111. Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) was intiated on
(a) 1980
(b) 1982
(c) 1986
(d) 1989

Q112. Who has the responsibility to maintain the official rate of exchange
(a) RBI
(b) World Bank
(c) State Bank
(d) Finance Ministry

Q113. The maximum number of Deputy Governor in RBI can be
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5

Q114. Who was the last deputy chairman of Planning Commission of India
(a) Madhu Dandavate
(b) Jaswant Singh
(c) K. C. Pant
(d) Montek Singh Ahluwalia

Q115. Which five year plan was launched with the slogan “Garibi Hatao”
(a) Fourth Plan
(b) Fifth Plan
(c) Sixth Plan
(d) Seventh Plan

Q116. The State Bank of India was established as
(a) Bank of Bombay
(b) Bank of Calcutta
(c) Bank of Chennai
(d) Bank of Madurai

Q117. Which Committee first recommended Money Market in India
(a) Bhandari Committee
(b) S.H. Khan committee
(c) Lakdawala Committee
(d) Chakravarty Committee

Q118. In which year, gold reserves were mortgaged to get foreign exchange in India
(a) 1990
(b) 1991
(c) 1992
(d) 1993

Q119. National Income in India is estimated by
(a) Planning Commission
(b) Finance Commission
(c) Indian Statistical Institute
(d) Central Statistical Organisation

Q120. The Bank of Calcutta (a precursor to the present State Bank of India) was
(a) 1806
(b) 1809
(c) 1812
(d) 1818

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