Indian History Objective Question

Q136. The coins of the _________ dynasty depict the fish symbol on the reverse
(a) Guptas
(b) Kushanas
(c) Hoyasalas
(d) Pandyas

Q137. Who among the following is known as the ‘liberator of Indian Press’
(a) Lord Dalhousie
(b) Lord Macaulay
(c) Charles Metcalfe
(d) Lord William Bentinck

Q138. Where did the British start the Dual system of Government
(a) Madras
(b) Bengal
(c) Bombay
(d) Pondicherry

Q139. During Mughal period, a light artillery carried on camel back was known as
(a) Narnal
(b) Gajal
(c) Arraba
(d) Shutrnal

Q140. The first expedition of Muhammad of Ghor was directed against
(a) Multan
(b) Delhi
(c) Sindh
(d) Gujarat

Q141. According to Megasthenes, the Pandya Kingdom was famous for
(a) Silk
(b) Bronze
(c) Weapons
(d) Pearls

Q142. At the time of accession, Iltutmish was the governor of
(a) Iltutmish
(b) Balban
(c) Bahram Shah
(d) Qutub-ud-din Aibak

Q143. Which independent state was established by Nizam-ul-Mulk
(a) Hyderabad
(b) Bengal
(c) Sindh
(d) Burhanpur

Q144. On whose request did Gandhiji decided to visit Champaran
(a) Rajendra Prasad
(b) J.B. Kriplani
(c) Rajkumar Shukla
(d) Brij Kishore

Q145. The Ilahi era was started by
(a) Akbar
(b) Shah Jahan
(c) Aurangzeb
(d) Babur

Q146. Indian Forest Charter was implemented in
(a) 1851
(b) 1853
(c) 1855
(d) 1857

Q147. The Mir Bakshi under the Mughals was in charge of
(a) The wizarat
(b) The army
(c) The karkhanas
(d) The judiciary

Q148. Who constructed the royal highway from Takshashila to Patliputra which is known as Grand Trunk Road
(a) Mauryas
(b) Kushans
(c) Sakas
(d) Guptas

Q149. Who was the author of the book ‘Young India’
(a) Mahatma Gandhi
(b) Bipin Chandra Pal
(c) Lala Lajpat Rai
(d) V.D. Savarkar

Q150. In Mauryan Bureaucracy the High Treasurer was known as
(a) Gopa
(b) Pratihari
(c) Sannidhata
(d) Samaharta

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