Indian Movie Question Answer

Q46. Who is known as the 'father of Indian Cinema'
(a) Satyajit Ray
(b) Dadasaheb Phalke
(c) Dadasaheb Torne
(d) V. Shantaram

Q47. In which newspaper for the first time a film advertisement was given
(a) Hindustan Times
(b) The Hindu
(c) Times of India
(d) The Telegraph

Q48. Rasool Pookutty wins the Oscar Award in the category of
(a) Music Direction
(b) Art Direction
(c) Film Editing
(d) Sound Mixing

Q49. Who is the first actress nominated for Rajya Sabha
(a) Meena Kumari
(b) Nargis
(c) Madhubala
(d) Jaya Bachchan

Q50. Who is known as 'the show man' of Indian movie
(a) Dev Anand
(b) Raj Kapoor
(c) Dilip Kumar
(d) Rajesh Khanna

Q51. 'Romancing with Life' is the autobiography of
(a) B R Chopra
(b) Amitabh Bachchan
(c) Dilip Kumar
(d) Rajesh Khanna

Q52. Who had created a Guinness Book of World Records for writting 3,524 songs in 650 films over 33 years in Bollywood
(a) Gulzar
(b) Javed Akhtar
(c) Sameer
(d) Nadeem

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