Indian Politics Question Answer

Q166. 44th Amendment Act came into force in the year
(a) 1975
(b) 1978
(c) 1981
(d) 1984

Q167. Central Vigilance Commission was set up on the recommendation of
(a) Kripalani Committee
(b) Gorwala Report
(c) Santhanam Committee
(d) Administrative Reforms Commission of India

Q168. Which article of the Indian constitution incorporates the common law "Doctrine of Pleasure"
(a) Article 310
(b) Article 312
(c) Article 323
(d) Article 332

Q169. When was the Code of Criminal Procedure introduced in Independent India
(a) 1968
(b) 1970
(c) 1971
(d) 1973

Q170. The idea of the office of the Attorney-General in Indian constitution taken from which country
(a) Britain
(b) Japan
(c) France
(d) USA

Q171. Which of the following regional parties was formed prior to India's Independence
(a) DMK
(c) BJP
(d) Shiromani Akali Dal

Q172. In India, who appoints the District Judges
(a) The Governor
(b) The Chief Minister
(c) High Court Judge
(d) Supreme Court Judge

Q173. Apart from Indian Constitution, which Democratic Constitution in the world contains a list of duties of citizens
(a) USA
(b) Japan
(c) Canada
(d) France

Q174. Which of the following article envisages discretionary powers to the Governor of a state in certain matters as per the Indian Constitution
(a) Article 152
(b) Article 55
(c) Article 160
(d) Article 163

Q175. Under which schedule of the Constitution of India, a Minister is administered the Oath of office and secrecy by the Governor in a State
(a) First Schedule
(b) Second Schedule
(c) Third Schedule
(d) Fourth Schedule

Q176. Which of the following is not correct regarding Governor's powers
(a) Governor can return Money bill to for Legislature State reconsideration
(b) Governor can reserve any bill for consideration of President of India
(c) Governor can promulgate ordinance during recess of State Legislature
(d) Governor has the power to grant pardons

Q177. 'We, the People of India' mentioned in the Preamble of the Constitution, is closely associated with the following feature of the Constitution
(a) Secularism
(b) Sovereign State
(c) Bi-cameralism
(d) Independent Judiciary

Q178. According to Article 75(1) of the Constitution of India, the Prime Minister shall be
(a) appointed
(b) selected
(c) nominated
(d) elected

Q179. Which Article of the constitution makes provision for the appointment of a law officer as the Attorney General by the President of India
(a) Article - 62
(b) Article - 69
(c) Article - 72
(d) Article - 76

Q180. The child labour (prohibition and Regulation) Act was passed in the year
(a) 1984
(b) 1986
(c) 1988
(d) 1991

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