Indian Politics Question Answer

Q1. Which section of the Information Technology Act is struck down by Supreme Court
(a) 66 A
(b) 66 B
(c) 66 C
(d) 66 D

Q2. In which article of the constitution "Equal Protection of Law" is provided
(a) Article 12
(b) Article 13
(c) Article 14
(d) Article 15

Q3. The Article which empowers the President of India to declare a new group as "Scheduled Tribe"
(a) Article 339
(b) Article 342
(c) Article 347
(d) Article 352

Q4. Which commission explains the Educational Unemployment
(a) Kalelkar commission
(b) Kothari commission
(c) Mandal commission
(d) Gurupatha Swamy committee

Q5. Which of the following article is dealing with prohibition of child labour
(a) Article 21
(b) Article 22
(c) Article 23
(d) Article 24

Q6. Who is the first former Prime Minister to be the leader of opposition in Lok Sabha in later years
(a) Indira Gandhi
(b) Rajiv Gandhi
(c) V. P. Singh
(d) P. V. Narasimha Rao

Q7. Who is the first Indian President to use Pocket Veto
(a) Zakir Husain
(b) V. V. Giri
(c) Giani Zail Singh
(d) Ram Nath Kovind

Q8. Who is the first Indian President to use Suspensive veto
(a) Zakir Husain
(b) APJ Kalam
(c) Pranab Mukherjee
(d) Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

Q9. Hindi was adopted as the Official Language of the Union of India on ________ 1949
(a) 14th September
(b) 16th September
(c) 18th September
(d) 21st September

Q10. The aim of which Five Year Plan was to correct the disequilibrium in the economy
(a) First Five Year Plan
(b) Second Five Year Plan
(c) Third Five Year Plan
(d) Fourth Five Year Plan

Q11. FCRA stands for
(a) Foreign Currency Rationalization Act
(b) Foreign Contribution Regulation Act
(c) Foreign Currency Revalidation Act
(d) Fake Currency Regulation Act

Q12. The Chief Minister of a state in India is not eligible to vote in the Presidential Election if
(a) he is a candidate himself
(b) he is yet to prove his majority in the floor of the lower house of State Legislature
(c) he is the member of the upper house of the State Legislature
(d) he is a caretaker Chief Minister

Q13. The Indian Constitution do not contain any provision for the removal of
(a) President
(b) Vice-President
(c) Chief-Justice
(d) Governor

Q14. Who held the office of the Vice-President of India for two consecutive terms
(a) Dr. Radhakrishnan
(b) R. Venkataraman
(c) Shankar Dayal Sharma
(d) V.V. Giri

Q15. Article 23 and 24 deals with
(a) Educational Rights
(b) Constitutional Rights
(c) Religious Rights
(d) Right against Exploitation

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