World Sports MCQ

Q106. Who holds the highest number of world record in swimming
(a) Paul Biedermann
(b) Michael Phelps
(c) Ryan Lochte
(d) Aaron Peirsol

Q107. Milkha Singh wins the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games in the year
(a) 1952
(b) 1968
(c) 1958
(d) 1960

Q108. Total number of team in inaugural Indian Badminton League, 2013
(a) 10
(b) 12
(c) 8
(d) 6

Q109. From which year the Ashes Series begins
(a) 1882
(b) 1896
(c) 1900
(d) 1904

Q110. First Indian badminton player to win a medal at World Badminton Championship
(a) Pullela Gopichand
(b) Prakash Padukone
(c) Jwala Gutta
(d) Ashwini Ponnappa

Q111. Till 2013, how many times has Lionel Messi won the ballon d'or award
(a) 3 times
(b) 4 times
(c) 2 times
(d) 5 times

Q112. Which company is the official tennis ball supplier to the Wimbledon
(a) Nike
(c) Slazenger
(d) SIS

Q113. The World Athletics Championship, 2013 was held in
(a) New York
(b) Moscow
(c) Berlin
(d) Tokyo

Q114. The World Athletics Championship is held after every
(a) 2 Years
(b) 3 Years
(c) 4 Years
(d) 5 Years

Q115. The First World Athletics Championship was held in 1983 in the city
(a) Seville
(b) Osaka
(c) Stuttgart
(d) Helsinki

Q116. 'Faster, Higher, Stronger' is the motto of which international games event
(a) FIFA World Cup
(b) Olympic
(c) World Athletics Championship
(d) Afro-Asian Games

Q117. From which Olympic events, Olympic Torch relay process was started
(a) 1896, Athens
(b) 1908, London
(c) 1936, Berlin
(d) 1952, Helsinki

Q118. Which Indian Company was an Official Sponsor of FIFA World Cup Football 2010
(a) Infosys
(b) Wipro Technology
(c) HCL
(d) Mahindra Satyam

Q119. Which continent for the first time host FIFA World Cup 2010
(a) Asia
(b) Africa
(c) Europe
(d) Australia

Q120. Which team wins the final of FIFA World Cup 2010
(a) Brazil
(b) Netherlands
(c) Spain
(d) Germany

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