Java Interview Questions

Q106. Java ____________ is a language of machine instructions understood by the java virtual machine and usually generated (compiled) from Java language source code.
(a) Javap
(b) Applet
(c) Beans
(d) Bytecode

Q107. Which of the following statement is not true regarding JavaScript
(a) Javascript is a loosely typed language
(b) Javascript is an object based language
(c) Javascript is event driven
(d) Javascript embedded in an HTML document is compiled and executed by the client browser

Q108. ______ data structure is used by operating system to manage the recursion in Java
(a) Array
(b) Queue
(c) Tree
(d) Stack

Q109. Which coding types is used for data type characters in Java

Q110. Which one is the process of defining a method in subclass having same name and type signature as a method in its super class
(a) Method hiding
(b) Method overloading
(c) Method overriding
(d) Recursion

Q111. Which action has the ability to match the request parameter to properties of some name in java bean be specifying ‘*’ for attribute property
(a) < jsp : include >
(b) < jsp : set Property >
(c) < jsp : use Bean >
(d) < jsp : param >

Q112. Java does not support
(a) Hierarchical inheritance
(b) Single inheritance
(c) Multi-level inheritance
(d) Multiple inheritance

Q113. Which fields enjoy highest degree of protection in Java
(a) Public
(b) Secure
(c) Private
(d) Ultra

Q114. In the Java statement import java.lang.Math; Math is
(a) Object
(b) Package
(c) Class
(d) Method

Q115. In Java Script, if you add a leading zero like "0127" the number system followed is
(a) Decimal
(b) Octal
(c) Binary
(d) Hexadecimal

Q116. In Java Script, ____ is an object of the target language data type that encloses an object of the source language
(a) a wrapper
(b) a link
(c) a cursor
(d) a form

Q117. Java provides a monitor like concurrency control for ______ synchronization
(a) Process
(b) TLB
(c) Program
(d) Threads

Q118. In JavaScript which of the following is used to declare variable
(a) var
(b) dim
(c) function
(d) const

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