Jharkhand at a glance

Jharkhand is a state located in the eastern region of India, known for its rich natural resources and tribal culture. The capital city is Ranchi, and the largest city is Jamshedpur. The official language is Hindi, and the population as of 2021 census is approximately 37 million.

The economy of Jharkhand is primarily based on mining and agriculture. The state is rich in minerals such as coal, iron ore, and mica, and is also a major producer of paddy, wheat, and maize.

Jharkhand has a rich cultural heritage, with a significant tribal population that has its own unique customs and traditions. The state is also famous for its waterfalls, such as the Hirni and Dassam falls, and its wildlife sanctuaries, such as the Betla National Park.

Here, Jharkhand at a glance provides important information and figures about Jharkhand. This is helpful for General Knowledge exams.

Jharkhand at a glance
Particulars Description
Capital Ranchi
Established 15th November 2000
Largest City Jamshedpur
Latitude 23.6102° N
Longitude 85.2799° E
Area Total 79,714 km2
Districts 24
Sub Divisions 38
Blocks 264
No. of Municipal Corporations 9
Total Towns 95
Total Villages 32620
Total Population (Census 2011) 3,29,88,134
Male (Census 2011) 1,69,30,315
Female (Census 2011) 1,60,57,819
Density (Census 2011) 414 per sq. km
Literacy Rate -Total (Census 2011) 66.41%
Literacy Rate -Male (Census 2011) 76.84%
Literacy Rate -Female (Census 2011) 55.42%
Highest peak Parasnath (4,490 ft)
Official Language Hindi
State Mammal Elephant
State Bird Koel
State Flower Palash
State Tree Saal
Airport Ranchi, Jamshedpur
Lok Sabha Constituency 14
Rajya Sabha Seat 6
Assembly Constituency 81