Karnataka at a glance

Karnataka is a state located in the southern region of India, known for its rich cultural heritage and economic development. The capital city is Bengaluru, and the largest city is Bengaluru. The official language is Kannada, and the population as of 2021 census is approximately 64 million.

The economy of Karnataka is diverse and robust, with agriculture, industry and services sectors playing an important role. The state is known for its software industry, biotechnology, and aerospace industry, and it's also a major producer of coffee, silk, and sandalwood. The state has a well-developed infrastructure, including good road and rail networks and an international airport in Bengaluru.

Karnataka is known for its rich cultural heritage and history. The state is home to a variety of festivals, arts, and traditions that reflect the diversity of its population. Karnataka is famous for its historical sites such as the Mysore palace, the Gol Gumbaz and the Hampi UNESCO World Heritage site.

Here, Karnataka at a glance provides important information and figures about Karnataka. This is helpful for General Knowledge exams.

Karnataka at a glance
Particulars Description
Capital Bangalore
Established 1st Nov,1956
Largest City Bangalore
Latitude 15.3173° N
Longitude 75.7139° E
Area Total 191,791 km2
Districts 31
Revenue-divisions 4
Taluks 176
No. of Municipal Corporations 11
Total Towns 347
Villages 29,340
Total Population (Census 2011) 6,10,95,297
Male (Census 2011) 3,09,66,657
Female (Census 2011) 3,01,28,640
Density 320/km2
Literacy Rate -Total 75.36%
Literacy Rate -Male 82.47%
Literacy Rate -Female 68.08%
Highest peak Mullayana Giri (6,330 ft)
Official Language Kannada
State Mammal  Elephant
State Bird India Roller
State Flower Lotus
State Tree Sandalwood
Airport Bengaluru, Mangalore, Belagavi, Hubballi-Dharwad, Kalaburagi, Bidar,Vijayanagara, Mysuru
Lok Sabha Constituency 28
Rajya Sabha Seat 12
Vidhan Sabha Constituency Council : 75, Assembly : 224