Kerala State Question Answer

Collection of questions and solved exam papers from different exams like Kerala PSC, Panchayat, Kerala SET, KCET, Revenue etc. Helps in preparation of state level exams.

Q16. Who is the first person to received Arjuna Award from Kerala
(A) Jimmy George
(B) P. T. Usha
(C) M. D. Valsamma
(D) T. C. Yohannan

Q17. Which one was the first Olympic participated by PT Usha
(A) Montreal 1976
(B) Moscow 1980
(C) Los Angeles 1984
(D) Seoul 1988

Q18. The United Kerala Convention of 1947 was held at
(A) Thrissur
(B) Ottappalam
(C) Kochi
(D) Kozhikode

Q19. Who is known as the father of political movement in modern Travancore
(A) R Ranganath Rao
(B) G Parameswaran Pillai
(C) John Ross
(D) N Raman Pillai

Q20. Who founded "Prathyaksha Raksha Sabha"
(A) Pandit Karuppan
(B) TK Madhavan
(C) Poikayil Kumara Devan
(D) Vagbhatan

Q21. Which among the following is a drama associated to the Namboodiri reform in Kerala
(A) Pandit Karuppan
(B) TK Madhavan
(C) Poikayil Kumara Devan
(D) Vagbhatan

Q22. "Kerala Simham" the historic novel of KM Panikkar is on
(A) Velu Thampi Dalwa
(B) Marthanda Varma
(C) Pazhassi Raja
(D) Kunjali Marakkar

Q23. Malabar goes to the hands of the British after the treaty of
(A) Sreerangapatanam treaty
(B) Treaty of salbai
(C) Treaty of Madras
(D) Treaty of Mangalore

Q24. The Malayalam University in Kerala situated in
(A) Kopttayam
(B) Kannur
(C) Palakkad
(D) Malapuram

Q25. The first sculpture city in Kerala
(A) Kozhikode
(B) Thiruvananthpuram
(C) Ernakulam
(D) Thrissur

Q26. The district where the National Institute of Technology is situated
(A) Alappuzha
(B) Kozhikode
(C) Kollam
(D) Palakkad

Q27. The Kerala Land Reforms Act, aimed at the abolishen of landlordism, was first passed in
(A) 1957
(B) 1963
(C) 1972
(D) 1978

Q28. The temple entry proclamation of 1936 was associated with which of the following Travancore rulers
(A) Swathi Thirunal
(B) Srimoolam Thirunal
(C) Sri Chithira Thirunal
(D) Ayilyam Thirunal

Q29. The first dictionary in Malayalam language was prepared by
(A) Herman Gundert
(B) Benjamin Baily
(C) Father Hanxelden
(D) Arons Pathiri

Q30. Who was the founder of Atmavidya sangam
(A) Kumara Guru
(B) Ayyankali
(C) Chattampi Swamikal
(D) Vagbhatananda

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