Meghalaya State Question Answer

Q16. Which one is the highest peak of Meghalaya
(A) Tura Peak
(B) Nokrek Peak
(C) Shillong Peak
(D) None of the above

Q17. Who was the first Governor of Meghalaya
(A) B.K. Nehru
(B) L.P. Singh
(C) P. Melhotra
(D) M.M. Jacob

Q18. Williamnagar is the district headquaters of
(A) North Garo Hills
(B) East Garo Hills
(C) West Garo Hills
(D) South Garo Hills

Q19. In which year Shillong was made capital of Assam
(A) 1872
(B) 1873
(C) 1874
(D) 1875

Q20. Which country's Golf Association Museum considered Shillong Golf Course as the "Glen Eagle of the East"
(B) UK
(C) France
(D) South Korea

Q21. Who is the longest serving Chief Minister of Meghalaya
(A) S. C. Marak
(B) D. D. Lapang
(C) Mukul Sangma
(D) Williamson A. Sangma

Q22. The Meghalaya High Court was established in the year
(A) 2011
(B) 2012
(C) 2013
(D) 2014

Q23. Who is the first Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court
(A) T. Meena Kumari
(B) Prafulla Chandra Pant
(C) Uma Nath Singh
(D) Dinesh Maheshwari

Q24. The Anglo-Khasi War was started in the year
(A) 1827
(B) 1828
(C) 1829
(D) 1830

Q25. The name 'Meghalaya' was coined by
(A) Ram Charan
(B) S.P. Chatterjee
(C) Devendra Lal
(D) Bhupen Hazarika

Q26. Who was the first speaker of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly
(A) P. R. Kyndiah
(B) E. K. Mawlong
(C) R. S. Lyngdoh
(D) W. Syiemiong

Q27. When President Rule was first imposed on Meghalaya
(A) 1990
(B) 1991
(C) 1992
(D) 1993

Q28. Which one is the highest point of the Garo Hills region of Meghalaya
(A) Tura Peak
(B) Arbella Peak
(C) Nokrek Peak
(D) Ranggira Peak

Q29. Which one is the longest natural cave in South Asia
(A) Krem Iawe
(B) Siju Cave
(C) Krem Liat Prah
(D) Krem Mawmluh

Q30. Which one is recognised as the state bird of Meghalaya
(A) Great hornbill
(B) Hill myna
(C) House Sparrow
(D) Asian Koel

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