Microsoft Excel Questions

Q16. Which one is not available in print area selection option when you print a Excel document
(a) Entire workbook
(b) Columns
(c) Active Sheet(s)
(d) Table

Q17. Strikethrough, Superscript and Subscript are the _______ in Excel
(a) Design
(b) Text Control
(c) Effects
(d) Style

Q18. Zoom slider option is available in
(a) Status bar
(b) Formula bar
(c) Standard bar
(d) Quick Access Toolbar

Q19. In Excel Options, the Auto Correct Option can be found in
(a) Popular
(b) Formulas
(c) Proofing
(d) Advanced

Q20. A function inside another function is known as
(a) Nested function
(b) Mode function
(c) HLOOKUP function
(d) Indirect function

Q21. Which function returns the most common value in a data set
(a) LOGINV function
(b) INDIRECT function
(c) COVAR function
(d) MODE function

Q22. Where you can change the "number of Recent Documents" shown option in Excel Office button
(a) Save
(b) Customize
(c) Add-Ins
(d) Advanced

Q23. Maximum column width in Excel sheet is
(a) 226 Characters
(b) 254 Characters
(c) 255 Characters
(d) 256 Characters

Q24. The process of keep the top row visible while scrolling through the rest of the worksheet is known as
(a) Freeze Panes
(b) Page Breaks
(c) Margins
(d) Sorting

Q25. What is the syntax of Minimum function ()
(a) =minimum(number1,number2,...)
(b) =min(number1,number2,...)
(c) =minimum{number1,number2,...}
(d) =min(number1:number2:...)

Q26. The Chart title option is available in
(a) Format
(b) Design
(c) Developer
(d) Layout

Q27. In Excel all styles are ___________ styles
(a) cell
(b) tab
(c) sheet
(d) data

Q28. The function that counts the number of cells in a range that are not blank is known as ________ function

Q29. Which chart displays values as percentages of the whole
(a) Scatter Chart
(b) Bar Chart
(c) Surface Chart
(d) Doughnut Chart

Q30. Which function is use to display the current date and time in a cell
(a) today
(b) now
(c) day
(d) current

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