Nagaland State Question Answer

Q16. Which of these tribes do the renowned folk singers "The Tetseo Sisters" belong to
(A) Angami
(B) Chakhesang
(C) Ao
(D) Chang

Q17. Who was the first Governor of Nagaland
(A) Vishnu Sahay
(B) B.K. Nehru
(C) L.P. Singh
(D) Gopal Singh

Q18. Which one is the largest Assembly Constituency by area in Nagaland
(A) T. N. Angami
(B) P. Shilu Ao
(C) Vizol Angami
(D) S. C. Jamir

Q19. Who is the longest serving Chief Minister of Nagaland
(A) Tening
(B) Mongoya
(C) Kohima Town
(D) Mokokchung Town

Q20. Total are covered under Nagaland is
(A) 14,332 sq. kilometres
(B) 15,587 sq. kilometres
(C) 16,579 sq. kilometres
(D) 18,257 sq. kilometres

Q21. Nagaland was first connected to the railway line in the year
(A) 1902
(B) 1903
(C) 1904
(D) 1912

Q22. Which one is the smallest district by area wise in Nagaland
(A) Mon District
(B) Kohima district
(C) Dimapur district
(D) Longleng district

Q23. Which one is the most populous and the most urbanized district in Nagaland
(A) Dimapur district
(B) Kohima district
(C) Peren district
(D) Phek district

Q24. Who is the first person from Nagaland to becomes members of Rajya Sabha
(A) S. C. Jamir
(B) K. G. Kenye
(C) T. Aliba Imti
(D) Khyomo Lotha

Q25. The Nagaland University was established in the year
(A) 1990
(B) 1992
(C) 1994
(D) 1996

Q26. The Rangapahar Reserve Forest is located on
(A) Kohima
(B) Dimapur
(C) Mokokchung
(D) Wokha

Q27. Who is the first Padma Shri Award recipient of Nagaland
(A) Neidonuo Angami
(B) Melhupra Vero
(C) Chubalemla Ao
(D) L. Kijungluba Ao

Q28. Total number of elected members in the State Legislative Assembly is
(A) 56
(B) 60
(C) 65
(D) 68

Q29. By population, Nagaland is the _____ biggest state in India
(A) 22nd
(B) 23rd
(C) 25th
(D) 26th

Q30. Which one is recognised as the State animal of Nagaland
(A) Gaur
(B) Mithun
(C) Anoa
(D) Bison

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