Nalanda University

• Nalanda University was established in the 5th century AD by Gupta Rulers. It is located at the Southeast of Patna in Bihar.

• It was a flourishing centre of learning, knowledge and excellence. Students from all over the world came to the University for higher education. It have attracted thousands of scholars and thinkers from around the world.

• It the peak of its time, the university have 2,000 Teachers and 10,000 Students from all over world. Nalanda University had eight separate compounds and ten temples.

• It was also first Residential International University of the World.

• The site was destroyed in the 1193 AD by invading Turkish army.

• The idea of reopen of the university was first given by former President of India A.P.J.Abdul Kalam in joint addressing of the Bihar Vidhan Mandal in 2006.The Nalanda University Bill was passed in 2010. The bill received Presidential assent on 21 September 2010. Also some Asian countries specially Japan and Singapore helping in financing the construction work.

• On 1st September 2014 the first academic session starts in the University with 15 students and 11 faculty members.

• Nobel laureates Professor Amartya Sen appointed as the Chancellor of the University.