Single Word Substitution

Q136. A person who is interested in all subjects
(a) Omniscient
(b) Polymath
(c) Philistine
(d) Philanthropist

Q137. A person who is excessively talkative
(a) Taciturn
(b) Reticent
(c) Garrulous
(d) Loquacious

Q138. A person who is against war and violence
(a) Pacifist
(b) Militant
(c) Aggressor
(d) Warmonger

Q139. A person who is extremely selfish and concerned only about oneself
(a) Altruist
(b) Egotist
(c) Narcissist
(d) Modest

Q140. A person who is unable to sleep
(a) Narcoleptic
(b) Hypnotist
(c) Insomniac
(d) Somnambulist

Q141. A person who is skilled in telling stories
(a) Narrator
(b) Raconteur
(c) Orator
(d) Interpreter

Q142. A person who is always full of doubts and skepticism
(a) Skeptic
(b) Cynic
(c) Realist
(d) Pessimist

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