Single Word Substitution MCQ

Q76. A remedy for all disease
(a) Misogyny
(b) Harangue
(c) Panacea
(d) Credulous

Q77. That which cannot be avoided
(a) Unrestrained
(b) Inevitable
(c) Integral
(d) Unvarying

Q78. Opinion contrary to accepted doctrines
(a) Advocacy
(b) Controversy
(c) Convention
(d) Heresy

Q79. Someone who is designated to hear both sides of a dispute and make a judgement
(a) Manager
(b) Arbitrator
(c) Magistrate
(d) Counsellor

Q80. A person who agrees to work for somebody in order to learn a skill
(a) Assistant
(b) Pupil
(c) Apprentice
(d) Lackey

Q81. To die without making a will
(a) Inure
(b) Inane
(c) Intestate
(d) Indigent

Q82. Make pale by excluding light
(a) Foliate
(b) Etiolate
(c) Procreate
(d) Percolate

Q83. A gathering at a religious place
(a) Mob
(b) Audience
(c) Congregation
(d) Spectators

Q84. A place where birds are kept
(a) Sanctuary
(b) Apiary
(c) Aquarium
(d) Aviary

Q85. Art of working with metals
(a) Metallurgy
(b) Metalloid
(c) Meteorite
(d) Metaphysics

Q86. One who compiles a dictionary
(a) Bibliographer
(b) Lapidist
(c) Lexicographer
(d) Cartographer

Q87. Someone not fit to be chosen
(a) Ineligible
(b) Uneligible
(c) Imeligible
(d) Non-eligible

Q88. Study of derivation of words
(a) Paleontology
(b) Etymology
(c) Morphology
(d) Caligraphy

Q89. Recurring every two years
(a) Bi-annual
(b) Quadric
(c) Seasonal
(d) Biennial

Q90. Of a man showing feminine attributes
(a) Ambidextrous
(b) Incorrigible
(c) Effeminate
(d) Plagisrist

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