Ordering Words

In the following questions the passage are split into four parts and named P, Q, R and S. These four parts are not given in their proper order. Read the sentence and find out which the four combinations are correct. Then find out the correct answer.

Q1. I think what the
(P) rest of the world can
(Q) is that conservation
(R) learn from this
(S) actually works

The correct sequence is
(a) PRQS
(b) PRQS
(c) RQSP
(d) SRQP

Q2. Ultimately through his daily massages,
(P) resolute determination
(Q) his iron persistence and his
(R) he did develop the
(S) ability to stand up

The correct sequence is
(a) RPQS
(b) SRPQ
(c) RQSP
(d) QPRS

Q3. When the carpenter
(P) finished his work,
(Q) and appreciate him for his work
(R) to inspect the house
(S) his employer came

The correct sequence is
(a) RPQS
(b) PSRQ
(c) QRPS
(d) SPQR

Q4. Albert Einstein recognized in his
(P) intellects of the ages,nbsp;
(Q) he revolutionized scientific
(R) lifetime as one of the greatest
(S) thought with his Theory of Relativity

The correct sequence is
(a) RQSP
(b) PRSQ
(c) RPQS
(d) PQRS

Q5. The police arrived a
(P) and arrested him
(Q) few minutes later,
(R) of his wife
(S) for the murder

The correct sequence is
(a) QPSR
(b) SQRP
(c) PSQR
(d) RQSP

Q6. Swami Vivekananda was a
(P) and contributed to the concept
(Q) revival of Hinduism in India,
(R) of nationalism in colonial India
(S) major force in the

The correct sequence is
(a) PQRS
(b) SQRP
(c) SQPR
(d) QRPS

Q7. Composed of all member states,
(P) in regular yearly sessions
(Q) under a president elected
(R) the assembly meets
(S) from among the member states

The correct sequence is
(a) PQSR
(b) RPQS
(c) RPSQ
(d) SRQP

Q8. Arriving a few minutes later,
(P) we found a place to
(Q) walked into the Cafe
(R) the bookstore, and
(S) park the car in front of

The correct sequence is
(a) PQSR
(b) SRPQ
(c) PSRQ
(d) RPQS

Q9. Just then I heard
(P) a telephone ringing,
(Q) I turned to the phone
(R) on the table,
(S) but there was no sound

The correct sequence is
(a) PQRS
(b) SQRP
(c) SQPS
(d) QPRS

Q10. Anne went to her sister’s apartment
(P) right away and
(Q) knocked on the door,
(R) no one home
(S) but there was

The correct sequence is
(a) PQRS
(b) RSQP
(c) SRPQ
(d) PQSR

Q11. She was there
(P) and every difficult time
(Q) for me in each
(R) in my life
(S) I faced

The correct sequence is
(a) QPSR
(b) RSQP
(c) RPSQ
(d) QPRS

Q12. Each
(P) if it was working perfectly
(Q) had to be tested to be sure
(R) parts of the rocket
(S) of the many

The correct sequence is
(a) SRPQ
(b) RQSP
(c) PRSQ
(d) SRQP

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