Physics GK Quiz

Q106. The wave of theory of light is based on
(a) the laws of reflection
(b) the laws of refraction
(c) the inverse square law
(d) Huyghens' principle

Q107. The unit of magnetic permeability is
(a) Henry/meter
(b) Henry
(c) Weber
(d) Weber/meter

Q108. The domain theory of magnetism applies to
(a) aluminium
(b) copper
(c) silver
(d) cobalt

Q109. The paramagnetic theory of magnetism applies to
(a) nickel
(b) mercury
(c) iron
(d) platinum

Q110. Due to temperature variation along a conductor, potential variation occurs along it. This phenomenon is known as
(a) Thomson effect
(b) Joule effect
(c) Seebeck effect
(d) Peltier effect

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