Political Science GK Question

Q31. Which model of pressure group politics emphasises on dispersal of power and democratic accountability
(a) Corporatism
(b) New Right
(c) Pluralism
(d) New Left

Q32. Permanent Revolution was propounded by
(a) Engels
(b) Lenin
(c) Trotsky
(d) Marx

Q33. "Physiocrats" were:
(a) French Economists
(b) Russian Proletarians
(c) German Nazis
(d) Dutch Physicists

Q34. Who among the following defines the Constitution as "The Autobiography of a Power Relationship"
(a) Lord Bryce
(b) Marriot
(c) Schwarzen Berger
(d) H. E. Finar

Q35. Who among the following advocated the ‘Relative Autonomy’ of the Capitalist State
(a) Karl Marx
(b) Nicos Poulantzas
(c) V.I. Lenin
(d) Leon Trosky

Q36. Who among the following advocated the theory of Natural Rights
(a) Hobbes
(b) Locke
(c) Rousseau
(d) Machiavelli

Q37. Who said that “State is the March of God on earth”
(a) Kant
(b) Augustine
(c) Karl Marx
(d) Hegel

Q38. Who takes ‘primary goods’ as the yardstic for equality
(a) Dworkin
(b) Laski
(c) Rawls
(d) Friedman

Q39. Whose concept of Justice was based on functional specialisation
(a) Plato
(b) Aristotle
(c) Rawls
(d) Bentham

Q40. The theory of Separation of Power is propounded by
(a) Montesquieu
(b) Rousseau
(c) Maitland
(d) Plato

Q41. Who said "Family is the First School of Social Life"
(a) Plato
(b) Aristotle
(c) Bodin
(d) Sophists

Q42. Materialistic interpretation of history was analyzed by
(a) Hegal
(b) T H Green
(c) Kant
(d) Marx

Q43. Who among the following is considered as the modern political thinker
(a) Socrates
(b) Sophists
(c) Machiavelli
(d) Plato

Q44. Who among the following is associated with the revival of Political Theory
(a) David Easton
(b) Lucian Pai
(c) Sydney Verba
(d) Voegelin

Q45. Which of the following is an example of unwritten constitution
(a) England
(b) France
(c) Japan
(d) Saudi Arabia

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