General Science Question Answer

Q46. Steroid hormones are synthesised from
(a) Adenine
(b) Protein
(c) Vitamin
(d) Cholesterol

Q47. Which of the following scientists developed the process of DNA finger printing
(a) Kary B. Mullis
(b) Alec Jeffreys
(c) T.H. Morgan
(d) H.O. Smith

Q48. Megalopa is the larval form of
(a) Crab
(b) Prawn
(c) Squilla
(d) Lobster

Q49. The use of fingerprints for identification known as
(a) Palynology
(b) Limnology
(c) Anthropometry
(d) Dactylography

Q50. MPN test is used to check the
(a) Quality of water
(b) Pollution of water
(c) Pollutants of water
(d) Cleaning of water

Q51. Karl Landsteiner discovered blood group method in the year
(a) 1897
(b) 1901
(c) 1905
(d) 1910

Q52. The concept of pH was introduced by
(a) Arrhenius
(b) Bronsted
(c) Lewis
(d) Sorensen

Q53. Pneumonia is the inflammatory condition of
(a) Liver
(b) Lung
(c) Heart
(d) Spleen

Q54. The causative agent of the yellow fever is
(a) Lyssa virus
(b) Picoma virus
(c) Parvo virus
(d) Flavivirus

Q55. Microphone is used to convert
(a) sound waves into electrical energy
(b) sound waves into light rays
(c) electrical energy into sound waves
(d) sound waves into magnetic currents

Q56. Cooking oil can be converted into vegetable ghee by the process of
(a) Hydrogenation
(b) Crystallization
(c) Oxidation
(d) Distillation

Q57. Who is considered as the "father of the (handheld) cell phone"
(a) Edwin Land
(b) John Lloyd
(c) Martin Cooper
(d) Joseph Wilson

Q58. When the nucleus of uranium is bombarded with neutrons, it breaks up into two of nearly equal mass. This process is called
(a) Radiation
(b) Fusion
(c) Fission
(d) Emission

Q59. Emetophobia is the fear of
(a) Vomiting
(b) Spider
(c) Tunnels
(d) Heights

Q60. First Spacecraft to carry man on the Moon was
(a) Star 2
(b) Luna-9
(c) Helius-B
(d) Apollo 11

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